A better way to provide employee benefits

Open a Health Spending Account in less than 3 minutes.

Modernize your benefits

A Health Spending Account is a cost-effective alternative to health and dental insurance.

It is a special spending account established for your employees. The benefit is 100% tax free to your employees and 100% tax deductible for your business.

Health Spending Account highlights

Take control

  • No premiums
  • No copayments or deductibles
  • No surprise renewals

Keep employees happy

  • 100% coverage
  • 100% tax free benefit
  • Flexible benefits

Designed by you

  • Stay within budget
  • Customize your plan
  • Easy plan management

Design your HSA

Establish employee classifications

Identify custom classifications of employees. Each classification will receive a specific dollar amount for their spending account.

Determine your budget

Select how much to offer each custom classification. For example, managers receive $1,500 and full-time employees $1,000.

Designed by you

A monthly contribution is deposited from the employer account and held in trust with Bright Benefits to fund employee claims.


(For a corporation with at least one arm’s length employee)


Health Spending Account (HSA)

  • $199 one-time setup fees.
  • Flexible plan design.
  • No monthly premium
  • 8% for processing each claim.
  • Dependent Included.
  • 10 days money back guarantee.